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Coin Laundry
Clean / Pressed / Starched
Alteration and Repairs

At American Hometown Cleaners, we provide a well-lit, safe, family friendly environment with reasonable rates and properly maintained equipment. We want you to look good. Help us help you look good.


Coin Laundry

Our well-kept facilities will help you get your wash and drying done in no time. Our premises is clean, safe, and monitored, letting you focus on your folding.

Wash and Fold

Let us take over and give your things a professional, thorough cleaning. Take back your time, take back your life, take your cleaning to us, and know that it will be done right in our friendly, sanitary establishment.

Dry Cleaning

Bring us your suits and formal wear to have them professionally cleaned so you look your best every day.

Our drive thru is convenient and open any time our Wash/Fold Dry Cleaning is available. No need to leave your vehicle! 
Stop by and see us sometime. We would love to help you. If you have any questions just give us a call at 740-995-8211

Coin Laundry
Mon – Sun 7AM-9PM
Wash/Fold Dry Cleaning
Mon-Fri 8AM-6PM
Sat 9AM-3PM

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Your time is much too valuable to spend it with the monotony of doing your laundry. Let us help you free your time by doing the thing we love. We will help you look good, so you can get back to doing the things you love. We will clean a wide variety of things for you. If you aren’t sure, just ask. Take your time back.

Have us clean those large items like rugs, drapes and curtains, stable blankets, and those big, bulky, comforters.

Keep that uniform looking sharp. Whether for work, sports, band, or military, have your uniform cleaned professionally by our eager staff. Military discounts apply.

We can do everything from replacing your missing buttons, putting in a new zipper, hemming, and repairing tears in your clothing. We can also repair holes in your Carhartts and horse blankets.

We handle the jobs that are too big for businesses to handle themselves. Our commercial cleaning and laundry service is fast, friendly, and affordable.

Blue Bag Special

Get your bag today for only $6 All the laundry you can fit in a 20# bag and we will wash and fold for only $30 Let us do the work. Fill a bag with your laundry and leave the rest to us.

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